Top Reasons Patients Leave Your Practice—and What to do About It

JD Powers and Associates has found 4 reasons why patients leave a business, and optometric practice is no exception!

1.    8% of the people leave our practices because they found a better deal somewhere else.
2.    9% leave because something has occurred to make it unreasonable for them to come back.
3.    14% don’t come back because of some unresolved issue. They are mad or disappointed. Maybe a billing problem, trouble with their glasses…something.
4.    But 67% of the people who don’t come back to our practices, don’t come back because of a feeling of indifference. In other words, 2 out of 3 patients that you lose are lost simply because they don’t think you care whether or not they come back.

Consider the following as a basic guide for building better relationships in our business:

1.    Design all protocols and procedures with the patient in mind.

2.    Show respect throughout the visit by using proper names, unless the patient is considerably younger or if the patient requests to be called by his/her first name.

3.    Anticipate the patient’s needs. Walk through the experience, see it through their eyes, think about what they may say or need at each station, and prepare your staff to deliver a wow experience.

4.    Tie a ribbon around the experience by showing you care after the transaction is complete. Give them a handwritten thank you card, call to see how your patients are enjoying their eyewear or contact lenses, check on your injured or post-operative patients with a quick call…


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