Give Your Office Environment a Multi-Sensory Analysis

Smell: When a patient–especially a new patient–enters your practice, what do they smell?  The smell of professionalism? Whatever you think it is, make sure it’s inviting.

Sight: What a patient sees when they enter your practice contributes heavily to the first impression. This includes making sure your front desk stays impeccable at all times. A well manicured carpet, a squeaky clean pre-testing room and contact lens room, as well as a spotless exam room, are all important.

Feel: The educated customer can then make an informed decision–hopefully that the designer frames are worth the added cost. In addition to the feel of your frame board offerings, patients notice how your dispensing table and chairs feel when they touch them. The same holds true for all the ophthalmic instrumentation you examine them with. So be sure to sanitize all instrumentation prior to each use.

Hearing: What patients hear when they enter your office is another factor that will determine how loyal they stay to your practice.  

Taste:  Last, but definitely not the least, is the taste of a practice. A patient’s experience at your practice can leave a taste-hopefully a great one-behind in their memory. 

Recognizing and understanding the senses of your practice is a recipe for long-term success. Both you and your patients will appreciate an improved office environment, increasing the chances that your patients become patients for life.


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