How Long Does it Take Patients to Fill Out Paperwork?

A majority of respondents (70.9%) to Jobson Optical Research’s 2011 The Waiting Game report said that it took them about 10 minutes or less to complete the paperwork for their last eye doctor appointment in total. Only 5.9% said that it took them longer than 10 minutes to complete all of the paperwork, and 15.4% said that they didn’t have to fill out any paperwork.

The paperwork required in a typical patient complete examination visit can be placed into three different categories: demographic information, medical history documentation and lifestyle questionnaire. Because of third-party reimbursement issues, most practices have focused on the first two categories and pay little attention to the most important category-the lifestyle questionnaire.

It’s the lifestyle questionnaire that helps prepare the patient for having all of their eyecare needs identified and met during their visit to your office. Using the lifestyle questionnaire to preset your patients for care is one of the most important practice management techniques available.


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