Put the Right Employee in the Right Job

Imagine an optometric practice, where the receptionist doesn’t know a thing about customer service, the salesperson doesn’t know anything about the products he/she is selling, and the lab person doesn’t have a clue about adjusting eyeglasses. What a mess would that be?

To run an efficient practice, it is imperative to put the right person in the right job-if you want to know that job will be done just the way you would have done it. To achieve this efficiency, the employer must know each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. And the employer may even have to go as far as making employees aware of their own strengths and helping them work toward enhancing those strengths.

Putting the right person in the right job is key to the success of running an efficient practice. The right employee in the right job is beneficial to the growth of the practice and makes your office more enjoyable. What better place for your patients to go for their eyecare needs than a flourishing practice with well-placed employees?

How do you ensure your employees are in the jobs that best match their abilities?


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