Measuring Practice Performance Over Time

Practice performance should be measured over time—and then judged against industry benchmarks to see how you are performing and where you can improve. Ask patients to evaluate your performance on key drivers of loyalty and satisfaction with a 1-5 scale and look at the top-box performance. A Net Promoter Score is a highly useful evaluation tool of patient advocacy. Ask patients to respond on a 1-5 scale to “How likely are you to recommend this practice?” Then look at the top scores and eliminate the bottom responses to judge how many patients are recommenders versus those who may be detractors.


One thought on “Measuring Practice Performance Over Time

  1. The Net Promoter Score is based on an 11 point scale, 0 – 10, not 1 – 5. To calculate your Net Promoter Score, responses of 0 – 6 are classified as “detractors”, 7 – 8 as “passives” and 9 – 10 “promoters” and the score is calculated by subtracting the percent detractors from the percent promoters.


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