How Many Patients Opt for A/R Lenses?

Some 28.9% of consumers at optical shops operated by independent ECPs choose lenses with A/R coating, according to The Vision Council‘s VisionWatch March 2012 Member Benefit Report. Some 15.7% chose photochromatic lenses.

In Japan, AR usage is greater than 95%. The key is the doctor. How important is A/R to you for your patients?  If the doctor will prescribe it in the exam room, the majority of patients will get it in the optical (remember that every lens in your phoropter is an A/R lens).

A key fact you need to know is that the re-purchase rate for A/R is 95%. This shows deep acceptance by patients once they have experienced A/R.

Your ACTION PLAN for today is to review your A/R numbers. You’ll find them on your optical laboratory Rx Mix Analysis report. If your practice is a typical practice and is not above 80% A/R, then your practice needs to make some changes to improve your numbers. Implement these three ACTIONS:

1)      Have the doctor prescribe A/R in the exam room.
2)      Have the optical staff demonstrate A/R to the patient.
3)      Bundle A/R with your lenses.


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