Solve Problems and Meet Lifestyle Needs with Daily Replacement CLs

Daily replacement contact lenses–now available in toric and multifocal designs–are great problem solvers for many new and existing contact lens patients. Listen well to a patient’s vision needs and lifestyle patterns, then show how daily replacement lenses can meet those needs.

We often talk about lifestyle prescribing for patients when it comes to spectacles, but the same philosophy holds true for our contact lens patients. Honing your communication skills in the exam lane can make all the difference. Start by asking the right questions. This is key to creating opportunities for prescribing daily replacement contact lenses. You should not attempt to present solutions to a patient’s problem before he realizes/admits there is a problem. Only after a patient has verbalized there is room for improvement will he be receptive to the solutions you offer. Explain the many benefits of daily replacement contact lenses, then allow your patients to experience the benefits by giving them at least 10 pairs of diagnostic lenses to try.

Daily Replacement CLs Reduce Allergens

Ask your patients about eye allergies and the subsequent disadvantages of decreased wear time during allergy season. For example, Alcon‘s daily replacement contact lens has an FDA approval for reducing the symptoms of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis related to contact lenses, making them a suitable prescription for patients with ocular allergies. The edge profile on the Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lens is also very thin, thereby decreasing upper lid interaction and irritation when papillae are present underneath the upper lid.


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