Offer Financing to Expand Purchasing Power

Offering financing on optical goods and eyecare services is a practice-builder—if you present it to all patients as an extension of their purchasing power.

Don’t Pre-Judge; Offer Financing to Everybody

A key to making financing work is to offer it to everybody. Financing should be introduced as an option for all of your patients, not just those who express that they have a financial concern. Most patients who opt to make their purchase via financing do so to buy even more than they would before. In other words, it isn’t just for patients who could not otherwise afford to buy anything without financing. Frequently, the ability to finance a purchase means a patient can purchase eyeglasses of a higher quality with a more expensive frame or a pair of sports eyewear for their son.

Not Just Another Credit Card

You should mention financing as an option to all of your patients as they begin to browse through your optical shop. In addition, you can have CareCredit point-of-sale materials such as posters and counter cards that explain the financing option you offer. However, you need to emphasize that this is not just another credit card. You should point out to these patients that the financing option  you offer is different in that, unlike a credit card, there is no interest for six months as long as payments are made on time. The ability to take six months to pay for a purchase without worrying about interest peaks patients’ interest. Unless there is an added incentive to use one of their existing credit cards, such as the ability to add airline miles, it is hard to find a reason not to take advantage of financing.

Ability to Use at Dentist and Vet

The financing option you can offer through CareCredit can be used at some dentists and veterinarians. You can explain to patients that becoming approved to use financing in your office will enable them to also use it for other family expenses, as well.


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