iMatrix Launches Web Marketing Services for ODs and Dentists

Internet Matrix, Inc., (iMatrix) announced its expansion into online marketing for optometrists and dentists. iMatrix, based in San Diego’s Sorrento Valley, revealed that it will now offer optometric and dental web marketing solutions that include professionally designed web sites, social media management, video marketing, PPC advertising, and their advanced search engine optimization service called Dominator. According to a company spokesperson, the new online marketing services are designed to equip optometrists and dentists with the tools needed to reach a broader audience of potential patients online and increase local market share.

Optometrists now have a new resource for online marketing services. Optometry web marketing services are now being offered by iMatrix and are tailored to meet the needs of the optometry industry. The new services provided by iMatrix are Starter, Social, Media, Velocity and Dominator.

According to iMatrix, the Starter Service includes a professionally designed web site with a structure that is optimized for search engine crawlers. In the Social Service, social media for dentists or optometrists is included with the professional web site. The next service level up from Social is the Media Service, which includes the customizable web site and social media management, as well as video marketing for optometrists and dentists. The top two levels of web marketing services provided for dentists and optometrists are Velocity and Dominator. Velocity builds on all the features of Starter, Social and Media, adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and re-targeting campaigns. The premier-level service offered by iMatrix is Dominator, which encompasses an optimized web site, social media management, video and video advertising, PPC and custom SEO management.

Optometric practices that are interested in these new services can view demonstrations of the services or live chat with an internet consultant through the company’s web site:


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