Linking Policy

Linking to This Website :

Links to the eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL website will support the communication of vital information to parents, patients, medical professionals, students, volunteers, and others.

You do not need to request permission to link to eyesight, but it would be nice to know where links are being placed. 

Links to the eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL website must not be used in such a way as to imply eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL’s endorsement of the linking site, or any related products or services offered on that site.

eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to request the removal of any link that is inappropriately placed. 

The eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL logo must not be used without first obtaining permission by contacting eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL. 

The following text about eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL may be placed on the linking site:
We are a service network and a guidance directory for everything vision. Both aspects rely on our cornerstones of global innovation, hope, and transition. eyeSIGHT is dedicated to the global effort for treating and preventing sight dysfunction. We work to provide and establish a more personal, direct link between communities, professionals, and those in need.


Links From This Website:

External links can be found throughout the eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL Website. However, while external exposure is appreciated, eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL will only link to external websites considered useful resources to our purpose.

eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL will not link to the following:

• websites providing inaccurate or misleading

• websites whose focus is in conflict with our goals
To request a link exchange, please contact us. Requests will be considered on their individual merit, and eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL will not enter into any correspondence about decisions. 

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