By partnering with eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL, your company can be part of providing and establishing a more personal, direct link between communities, professionals, and those in need, in order to significantly contribute to the global effort for treating and preventing sight dysfunction. Your initiatives may include the whole company, a few interested employees, or a single effort. Also depending on your demographic strategic operations, your company involvement may involve a country-spanning effort, or a single office location. Any effort is a priceless leap forward! 

Non-monetary sponsorship:


Non-monetary sponsorship can greatly stimulate some of our efforts. This form of sponsorship implements 3 of our programs: EYEWEAR COLLECTION & DISTRIBUTION, OUR RECYCLING SYSTEM, and MIND & AMBITION OUTREACH.


Public awareness/advocacy and cause-related marketing:

Your corporation can increase public awareness and advocate for eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL by including information in customer mailings, displaying brochures in your locations, and placing notifications in your publications. Moreover, you can help us create an eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL Chapter, or START YOUR OWN, by working with an interested employee or employees and/or even have the company as a whole represent an eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL Chapter.


Employee fundraising:

Your company or interested employees may be willing to initiate a one-time event or a multi-year ongoing FUNDRAISING program dedicated to the prevention and treatment of global blindness. All generated funds would go to our global fundraising projects. GET INSPIRED with eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL!

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