As an eyeSIGHT volunteer, you can help us deliver our services, which are focused at interactive support for our leading global partners to help treat and prevent dysfunctional sight. WHAT WE DO, or the better question is, what don’t we do? Your involvement would consist of you organizing your own individual project or an ongoing effort. If you really wish to get involved, you can create your own branch of ours so we can become an international force dedicated to global vision. We can help you with creative ideas, the actual planning and organizing, and to market your activities.

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You will be given the opportunity to see your own ideas come alive and witness their impact on others, while being involved at once with some of the leading global organizations. You will built confidence and learn to be an exceptional leader. Skills such as public speaking, business and administration, public and international relations will become second nature. This will separate you by a mile from anyone applying for any position in your future. This is perfect for anyone considering the medical field, business marketing and entrepreneurship, vision related professions, and/or medical graduate studies. Most of all, you will be able to make life lasting relationships.

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