OD Staff Employment Increases 5.8% in Past Year

Employment of non–OD staff by independent practice ODs increased 5.8% during the year ending June 2012. This shows a rebound from a sluggish hiring environment in 2010, when optometric staffs increased by just 1.8%. 39% of practices added one or more staff members during the past year, while just 11% decreased their staff.

Larger practices (nine or more staff members with an estimated $1 million+ annual gross revenue) were more likely to add staff during the past year.






How Does Your Practice Compare?

How Does Your Practice Compare?

Pachymeters and Retinal Cameras Are the Most Widely Used Advanced Diagnostic Instruments

Among established optometric practices, 78% use a corneal pachymeter, and 71% use a retinal camera. The penetration of diagnostic instruments is much lower in new optometric practices than among established practices.