We provide eye care education and professional development through our social networking for anyone interested in vision – students, teachers, professionals, parents, children, the community, and the like.

For those interested in becoming an eye care professional:

Our purpose is to acquaint you with the many aspects of the field of vision and assist those interested with the necessary tools in realizing their career goals. We accomplish this through our network of PRE-OPTOMETRY CLUBS. Thus, we are able to create a community and resources for interested individuals by supplying carefully selected information and offering critical discussion settings.


Events include, but are not limited to the following:

Guest Speakers – doctors, directors of admissions from various schools, public health professionals, medical law makers, researchers, professors, and the like are invited to speak about their expertise and will be available to answer any further questions.

Career Builder – learn how to: build your CV/Cover Letter/Resume, search the job market and apply for jobs, assess your skills, undergo professional interviews and job talks, get work experience-research, volunteering, internships, and the like.

Planning Nights – informative sessions about prerequisite courses, when to take them, what courses can help boost GPA, how to reach your goals, get and stay on the right path.

Excursions – trips to related institutions to go on tours, discover, and make connections.

For those who understand that knowledge is irreplaceable:

Any person should be educated about important topics, in order to build an individual opinion, without being confused and mislead by others. Visit our PRE-OPTOMETRY STUDENTS  and eyeHEALTH sections to discover the power of knowledge.

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