We always try to implement newer, more interactive and efficient ways to generate funds for our chain of global vision support. We never use a single method, but apply old, new, and combined methods to achieve results.


We work to generate funds for our global partners and their missions worldwide, THE eyeSIGHT SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM, research to treat eye diseases and hopefully find the pathways for restoring vision altogether, and to support the lives of those who have lost their sight and/or are visually impaired.  


We invite any group or inspired individuals who are willing to initiate a one-time event or a multi-year ongoing fundraising program dedicated to the prevention and treatment of global blindness to create their own branch of ours so we can expand our international force dedicated to global vision.


There are an endless number of things that you can do to make a difference.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Auctions/Antique fairs           -Barbecues           -Beard shaving-Bingo         -Book sale           
-Car washes         -Carolling          -Coffee morning           -Competitions         -Concerts          
-Galas         -Dance performances          -Disco/club night          -Face painting         -Game night        
-Raffles       -Halloween party           -Lawn mowing         -Karaoke competition      
-Lemonade stand          -Pub games           -Photography exhibitions         -Scavenger hunt                  
-School fair         -Sports competitions (intramurals, teachers vs. students, etc.)    

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