Besides devoting to global sight health and education in eye care, eyeSIGHT strives to cultivate the talents of passionate leaders across all age groups. Moreover, we make it simple and efficient: if you have the ambition, motivation, and/or desire to implement a purposeful act towards human beneficence, then just do it. Your efforts just might become contagious and you can even end up working with amazing people like you, develop priceless relationships, and earn a professional position.


There are various categories in which you can embark and flourish, each offering a Certificate of Accomplishment and a formal Letter of Recommendation (upon request) in return for your dedication. The required activities that will become part of completing these awards will provide irreplaceable hands-on experience and challenge you to develop skills necessary for any life aspect. Most of all, and besides becoming part of an international network, you will have the chance to build a solid portfolio that may be used for applying to any job, school program, and the like.  

Certificate in Environmental Health & Program Delivery

Certificate in Global or Community Development & Social Responsibility

Certificate in Global or Community Eye Health & Program Delivery

Certificate in Social Marketing & Entrepreneurship

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