Certificate in Environmental Health & Program Delivery


The Certificate in Environmental Health & Program Delivery is essential for anyone interested in new innovative strategies for improving the environment. The certificate completion would be evidence of thorough understanding over the complex history and best practices necessary for protecting and preserving the environment. The certificate will be awarded for the proposal of a new innovative idea and its actual implementation by the applicant. Engaging in our recycling program is acceptable.


Eligibility, Enrollment, and Completion:

The Certificate in Environmental Health & Program Delivery is available to any student or professional who is interested in the health of the environment. The total cost to enroll is $55-this fee will cover administrative costs, marketing, and possible adaptation of the new innovative strategy depending on results.

Once a proposal is accepted, the applicant may work individually or recruit a team to perform the idea in a real life project. Once finished, a report and/or presentation will be required for overall completion.

Once enrolled, the time limit for completion will be determined based on the nature of the project.

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