Ø  we translate Braille to create and distribute teaching/study materials, office memos, bus schedules, personal letters, school notes, greeting cards for any occasion, and more based upon individual request

Ø  we create audio files for all Braille materials, so people experiencing vision loss can operate easier

Ø  we work to find ways to obtain and distribute walking canes

Ø  we put together and distribute educational kits for professionals, educators, parents, children, etc. made specifically for the requested need.

Ø  we can provide volunteers to take notes for students

Ø  we offer Cover Letter, Resume, and CV services for anyone, as we always keep up-to-date with employer trends, have professional experience in the area, and work with diverse and unique people globally. 
For these services, we only ask you to support our fundraising projects, which will aid vision loss prevention programs implemented by our global partners.

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