We are obsessed with everything vision and eye care!

As a service network we:

Ø  strive to create the ultimate world network between anyone having the simplest interest in aiding the effort to help visually impaired individuals, prevent global blindness, and support others in the field to solidify their own efforts

Ø  Work to connect people from every corner and create the most powerful movement dedicated to human sight

Ø  focus on the needs of our global partners and affiliations by working on projects unique and separate from our own, specifically tailored to their organizations to ensure forward and strategic innovation

Ø  work with everyone involved on current global impact missions for sustainability and generate innovative ideas to help improve them 

Ø  educate by linking people throughout the world and aid in eye care career development on all levels

Ø  work to integrate new programs to aid global sight by offering vision loss support and development activities

Ø  advocate for eye care awareness

Ø  fundraise to support global non-profits, charities, hospitals, and research centers

Ø  collect eyewear for global distribution

Ø  work on innovative recycling systems and sustainability projects


As a guidance directory we:

Ø  offer the ultimate directory of information with sources innovatively divided into 4 categories: International, North America, United Kingdom, and Australia

Ø  provide extensive, but uniquely selected and organized information for anyone-patients, consumers, children, students, doctors, researchers, retailers, other professionals in the eye care industry, and the like.

Ø  store all this information on a single place, instead of you having to view endless search results most of which are not relevant to your needs

Ø  prevent you from missing on vital tools and sources that may be hard to find otherwise, especially since we constantly update our content


Some of the global categories we cover but are not limited to are:

Ø  Educational institutions for all eye care professions

Ø  Journals, databases, and articles covering vision science and research

Ø  Patient and consumer information so you are better prepared and kept updated

Ø  Diseases, conditions, and case studies

Ø  Nutrition and diet

Ø  Smoking and vision

Ø  Daily tips and advices

Ø  Ophthalmic and optical suppliers, distributors, and the like.

Ø  Reviews and recommendations on all eye care aspects-doctors, hospitals, retailers, and the like.

Ø  Business and marketing for eye care professionals and all those who wish to know more

Ø  Vision therapy and training

Ø  Charities and non-profits

Ø  Ophthalmic associations and boards

Ø  Recycling and sustainability

Ø  Health care and insurance

Ø  Blindness prevention

Ø  Employment-listings for everyone, cover letter and resume tips, and more

Ø  Anything vision loss related-tips and advices for daily living, employment, products, rehabilitation, Braille, and more

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