You may have thought about if you had the chance what you would do to change the world, or maybe you’ve always wanted to see change in your own ethnic origin. We strive to provide that chance, to implement your specific desire and make it real. GET INSPIRED WITH eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL! 

Be your own inventor and use any of the ways listed below to interact with the world and make a difference for sight dysfunction management and prevention. Once you have finished with your creation, submit it to us for review. We will publish it on our pages for the world to see. 

Video/Photo Slideshows

Have you ever travelled somewhere and/or found yourselve in an interesting place? Share your experiences by creating a video and/or submitting your photos to us that relate to our mission and values to be published on our pages. Leave your mark today!

YOU paint WE see Initiative

The Initiative’s mission is to raise funds, while promoting the great talents of aspiring undiscovered artists. The funds will be raised through selling original paintings. We plan to showcase all art work through events, online, and possibly galleries. We encourage everyone to lend their creative and artistic talents to a worthy cause. 


Did you ever wanted to shoot your own movie and sent out a powerful message? Have you ever had a discussion with an influential and/or aspiring figure? Send us your material that relates to our mission and values and we will share it with the world.


Would you like to create your own forum for discussion and share your opinion about a particular topic. Lead the debate by emailing us today and/or join one on our pages. Let your ambitious thinking lead you on in a free thinking mingle with others like you.

Podcasts/Case Studies

We invite professionals and community members in general to submit a speech recording about a topic related to our mission and values for publication on our pages. Any submitted podcast and/or case study is open for discussion and we encourage a constructive, critical debate.


Everyone has a powerful story to share, whether it is a success story, a support network, or a testimony. Please, share your experience with us and we will publish it on all our pages and use it to give hope and inspiration to others. Each experience  from the past is just as valuable as those in the present.  

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