We collect old cell phones, digital cameras, CD/DVD, and empty inkjet/toner cartridges (placed in a plastic bag/newspaper to prevent stains and spills) from copiers, printers, and fax machines. Then, we distribute all collected materials to affiliated recycling organizations to generate funding for our fundraising projects.


Since copious amounts of the aforementioned materials are used daily, we invite all businesses, organizations and individuals to help us in this endeavour by donating such supplies to us. Besides supporting global vision, your donations prevent hazardous waste from contaminating the environment.   

Donate Your cell phones, digital cameras, CD/DVD, and empty inkjet/toner cartridges:

We ask, if possible, that all cartridges be sent to us in their original box/packaging in order to best protect the contents. Please note that we do not accept remanufactured or damaged items.

Via Mail, send to:


9-201 10th Street,

Toronto, ON CANADA

M8V 4C7

Via Drop-off, contact us for details.

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