If you share our values and commitment and if you have ever thought about doing something good for others on any scale, but there is no establishment in your area to help you, we want you to join our team of leaders. You can strengthen your community by organizing a branch of ours and recruit people like you.


eyeSIGHT INTERNATIONAL at a high school, university campus, or a community formed by leaders who will unite with fellow peers to serve their area, region, and/or country. An establishment would require a small group of a founding body that will hold meetings and organize events based on the members’ schedule and lifestyle. 


Your chapter/club will be our branch, using our name, mission and objectives, and website. Your branch will be required to execute 3 major activities: the collection of eyewear, the implementation of our recycling system, and fundraising. Besides these 3 mandatory commitments, you will be expected to create and organize your own projects based on our values. Your branch is also required to communicate with us regularly regarding club administration and activity, as well as to submit blogs/stories and personally taken photos to be presented on our pages. Your branch will be formally recognized on our website and you can then have access to a global network dedicated to global sight.


If you have specific ideas, let us know, and we will work with you to make it a reality. We want your branch to suit your personal interests.


You will be given the opportunity to see your own ideas come alive and witness their impact on others, while being involved at once with some of the leading global organizations. You will built confidence and learn to be an exceptional leader. Skills such as public speaking, business and administration, public and international relations will become second nature. Your branch and team will be formally recognized on our pages. This will separate you by a mile from anyone applying for any position in your future. Most of all, you will be able to make life-lasting relationships.

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